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My Top 5 Types of Residential Home Architecture

There have been many different styles of home construction over the years. Some I like, some I don’t. I thought I would give you a list of my top 5 styles. In no particular order:


True Victorian homes haven’t been built since the early 1900’s but you can still find design styles from the Victorians today. Curved towers and spindled porches are a couple of their features we still see today in construction.

Queen Anne

Somewhat similar to the Victorian homes the Queen Anne is a bit more ornamental. What I love about them is the siding. It reminds me of a gingerbread house. This sculpted siding is making a huge comeback today. The Queen Anne homes have lots of porches, balconies, chimneys and gables.


The craftsman was popular at the beginning of the 1900’s. We have tons of them in Los Angeles. Craftsman homes have overhanging eaves, gable roofs and wide porches with columns. Little ornamentation. Very simple in design and function.

French Provincial

Brick exteriors, steep hip roofs, arched insets for doors and french windows can be found in the more formal French Provincial homes. We have seen a lot of these built in the Los Angeles area over the last several years. I think they will always be a popular choice of architecture.


Anyone that has ever been to the French Quarter in New Orleans knows a Creole home. Porches across the front of the home, full length balconies on the second and third floors along with full length windows all the way across each level allow for breezes to cool the homes in the hot, humid, southern summers. The beautiful wrought iron railings just makes this home “pop” for me.

What do you think? What style do you like? The ranch of the Brady Bunch? Or maybe you prefer a contemporary home? Colonial, Federal, split level? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Saving money as a landlord

In this day and age, saving money is by far the most important aspect of everyone’s life. I know that whenever I can pinch my cash a little harder, I want to but when you are a landlord, what can you do? When you own real estate and you are renting, your tenants need certain things and there are only so many things that you can do in order to keep your costs low. Roll up your sleeves and do those little things that would cost you money hiring a handyman. Have some extra tools ready, and little things that can you exchange very quickly.

Well, that is what we are here for, to help you save a little cash. If you are a landlord and looking to improve your home, why not just start by changing out the air filter once a month? This can honestly save you about $100.00 a year – which might not seem like much but it can add up.

Have a lawnmower ready and pop in twice a month to do the lawn so it looks clean and well taken care of, easy task and it will save you money. Don’t contract out little jobs like this when you can easily do them yourself.

You can also fix any leaky toilets or faucets yourself, as that will save a heck of a lot money!

Cutting Costs On Real Estate Closings!

Lets find you the right piece of real estate

Whenever you are purchasing a home or a piece of real estate, it is very important for you to cut any costs that you can and that means that when it comes to closing time, you want to make sure that you are cutting the costs on closing as much as you can.  This is where your research skills are going to come into play as well as your communication skills. In  real estate everything is possible you just have to have the knowledge.

Communicating to the sellers exactly what you want and need is a great way to cut costs.  You could, for example, ask them to add on what you are paying on closing costs to the mortgage.  It never hurts to ask, but make sure that you understand if they say no – after all, you are asking them to take less money in the long run.

You also want to shop around a lot of lenders.  This is definitely something that you should do in the beginning to find the best deal.

How Much Is a View Really Worth?

A view could cost you a lot more in the real estate market today

That’s the big question in real estate, isn’t it? How much is a good view really worth in the real estate market today? After all, we have pretty much all heard the story of how people in places like New York City and Paris will play enormous amounts of money to get, say, a shoe box sized apartment with a killer view. Is there truth to that? Is the skyline — or any other stunning view — really worth it?

Well, you have to consider a few things and come up with that decision for yourself. What does the view contain? If you have a water view, or the view of a coveted skyline like New York City’s, then you can definitely expect the value you to be high.

You also want to consider the distance between the property and the view. So, ocean front properties, lake front properties, etc will always be of a higher value as well.

The height of the property is an important consideration as well, and wide views are more valuable than narrow ones.

Trouble-free fixes on a Wet Basement

Making your dream come true with a perfect deal

Wet basement – a dilemma that haunts about 60% of homeowners. This can be brought by intermittent leaks that can cause lifetime havoc in your home. But there are some simple and cost worry-free fixes that you can do to get rid of these leaks.

First, the problem could be brought by these: an obstructed or missing gutter, or underground pipe that was broken or obstructed. Whatever the problem is, a handyman can solve these hassles for as little as $200.

Another is by covering the windows. If the leak is under your basement window that could mean the exterior dugout is directing rainwater inside. A clear plastic well cover (that can cost you from $35-$45) will help keep the water out.

Third is plugging holes and cracks. These can be observed if water is peeping between cracks or seams in concrete blocks or holes in pipes. Hydraulic cement that is worth $10 would cure this problem.

At times, water can seep through pores of a wall or door that leaves a white mark on its surface. This can be solved by waterproofing the exterior part of the foundation and painting Xypex on it that is worth $130.

If ever your home doesn’t have leaks, mold formation can happen due to high humidity. A dehumidifier (about $300) can save your home from these green cultures.

Lastly, if massive flood is entering your humble abode, you must call a waterproofing company (or get a free flood insurance quote in advance!). The services may cost you $2,000 for a machine that can remove water, or $3,000-$5,000 for in-floor gutter for your basement.

Is it Possible to Improve Credit Scores Overnight?

If you’re thinking, “Is it Possible to Improve Credit Scores Overnight?”, you have a credit problem that needs to be dealt with. An honest answer to this magical question is no. However, do not lose heart. What is your definition of overnight? Like they say, even Rome was not built in a day. Look at the opportunity of overnight resurrection and wait for the magical result, that’s the trick to overnight.

Think about it logically, did your credit scores go wrong overnight? No, they did not. It’s more like, one thing leads to another and that little root of a problem seems to get bigger and bigger until it gets a grip on your life. That’s your credit problem, and how do you overcome it? Well, reverse the problem. Just like it grew so big, one step at a time, start your journey on improving your credit scores right away. The span of overtime may seem a little long but thoughtful thinking and planning can help you reverse the cycle and have a credit score that you can boast of.

Even if you took the situation literally and did manage to clear all your debt at one go, your credit scores will not improve overnight because there’s a lot of meticulous calculations and formalities to be undertaken in order to reverse the negative credit rating. Therefore, don’t try and look for an overnight solution. Instead, start retracing your steps, even if they are baby steps and this will certainly help you improve your credit situation.

Don’t let the impossibility of overnight redemption dampen your spirit. If you have an intention to improve your personal financial condition then there isn’t anything that can keep you away from it. Effective debt consolidation, credit consolidation, and debt relief counseling can help you reverse your situation rather quickly.

Landlords and Renters – A big difference

It is becoming a common phenomenon that renters remain poor or are becoming poorer day by day. When the landlords and real estate owners make money from their investment and become richer, the other side of economy finds the renters even poor. Various reasons are attributed to the poor economic status of the renter.

The increasing rent of household properties is the main reason for the poor life of renters. Most of the renters are paying a high percentage of their income towards the rent for their houses. Even though the income for renters is fixed, they also have to find a means to pay the high rents. The percentage of income paid towards rent is increasing day by day and most of the renters are paying on an average of around 40% of their income towards the rent.

For an affordable living, the rent of the houses should not go beyond 30% of their income. When this is violated and renters pay a higher amount than this affordable percentage of income, the renters remains poor as always.

To make the situation even worse, none of the renters are getting any kind of financial assistance from any government. They also cannot get any type of housing assistance. The poor families find it difficult to get access to housing assistance and subsidiaries. The end result is that they find it hard to get any kind of extra support or income that can make their living standards go high or improve.

The number of available housing facilities with low cost has exceeded the total number of low income renters. This has added to the worst economic condition prevailing in various parts of the world. As a result, a higher proportion of the renters are forced to go for the only option available, the high rented houses in their area. This makes renters even poorer.